Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flag Football and soccer are over!

And I am so glad! It was exhausting keeping up with all the games and practices. I was ready for a break. We played in the rain and cold. Sometimes in the heat. But the boys all played their best. My pictures are kind of sporadic because I have Colton to follow and worry about and it was hard to get them sometimes.

Hunter tried his hand at goalie. He was bored in this game because the other team never got the ball down by him.

 Phil had Toby. I looked over and saw this site... Too cute with all the kids gathered around.

 Logan's football team did well. They were tied for second place I think, with a  6 win 2 loss record (I am not sure that is right, but we can pretend it is.)
 Logan likes to dance on the field too.

JMS Fall Festival

Life has been a bit crazy this past month. One weekend, Phil and Hunter were gone camping, but that didn't stop me and grandma from taking Chase, Logan and Colton over to the Fall Festival put on by Colton's school. They had games, a bounce house, face painting, dinner, popcorn, cotton candy, ASL Stories and more. I was grateful for Grandmas help because I needed to work the front desk for a while. She is a rock star.
Colton got a spider on his face.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

football and soccer and school, Oh My!!

Can I just say, I am exhausted. Having several somethings every single day and night is exhausting. I don't know what I was thinking. I am so tired. But the kids are having fun, and I guess that is what it is all about right. And the weather has been mostly beautiful, so being outside hasn't been bad. Except for the mosquitoes. I could do without them.

In between games this past Saturday, we decided to play a bit. We drove down to the Mt. Timpanogos temple and took the kids to lunch. Phil has never been to this temple, and it is a goal of our to visit as many as we can.

 Tonight I took these of Colton while we were waiting for Logan to finish up with his Flag Football practice.

Despite the exhaustion, my kids are happy and learning and doing things they love. So I am happy. I just wish that I could enjoy their games more instead of chasing a certain 4 year old around everywhere. Atleast he is cute.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Family Update

Our internet has been going in and out. We really need to switch providers and get a new modem. It is really annoying and it makes it difficult since even the kids homework requires internet access now. Fortunately, things seem to be stable for now. So I thought I would do a quick update:

Colton is loving school. He goes everyday on the van. Somedays I drive him home. He just loves it. It is still hard for me sometimes that he sits on that van for 2 hours a day. 1 hour in the morning, 1 in the afternoon. But he doesn't mind and is so happy. And we are very fortunate to have a deaf school so close to us. I know of some who have to send their kids to live there because it is so far away. He made this at school and I love it. Hi teacher said he glued the pictures on all by himself.

Logan is in that weird stage of life. He has been baptized, so he knows he needs to be a little bit more grown up, but he still likes doing whatever he wants to do sometimes. Most of the time he is very pleasant, but he is definitely needing to use the Holy Ghost to make some better decisions. I forgot this from this age, but not that I have another 8 year old, I remember it being this way with all of them. Its like Satan knows that they are in a time of their life that is important and he is working extra hard to tempt them. Logan has had some rough times, but through it all, he is still my Logan. He is playing soccer and just started Flag Football this past week. So he is busy. It is the first time he has been able to fully participate in  these sports, so he has a lot of energy. He just needs to use that energy in the right place! He got his bobcat in scouts, his very first award. And he had is first Rain gutter Regatta.

Chase is doing really great. He is working hard at school and is feeling super confident and energized because he is understanding it. His teacher this year is great. He is also playing soccer. It is so fun to watch him play, he is so good. He is defense minded and has not has a goal scored on him when he was there defending. He also has started Flag Football this past week. He is being very gracious about being a Bronco. It is hard for him though!

Hunter is really in a stage of growth and transition. He is in 6th grade, so he rules the school. He is taking piano lessons and memorizes everything he plays. He has been given an opportunity to play in a school orchestra and learn a string instrument. So he gets to learn the bass. I am still not quite sure how I was talked into this. I have no idea where we are going to store this thing. It is huge. But he is super excited about it. He is loving 11 year old scouts and has decided that he likes fishing. He will be 12 in less than 5 months. I can't believe how grown up he is. He is changing and I am struggling to keep up with him.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Logan's Baptism - 8 is Great!

Logan was baptized on August 31. It as such a special day. We have done this twice before, but every time it has its own special meaning and moments. This baptism was special because it was just Logan. No one else. So we got to plan everything and have it just be our family and a few friends. It turned out great. As I watched Logan go into the font, I was touched by the spirit. How very blessed I am to be mom to such a choice spirit of God. Logan is very unique and has a very special purpose on this earth. He has to ability to reach others. I know he has made a good decision to be baptized and I am so excited to see him start this journey as he grows up into a young man.

Logan's Birthday! 8 years old!

Logan turned 8 years old on August 10. That means that he got to have a friend party. His very first. It was fun to plan it because I have older boys who wanted to help. Logan wanted a Dragon party. So he had to have a Dragon cake. I think it turned out great.

 We planned some fun games. We had a Dragon Egg Hunt. The boys had to be careful not to wake up the sleeping dragons.
 Because they chased them around while they hunted for eggs.
 Then we used the eggs to do an egg relay. They had to move the eggs to a bucket.

 Then they lined up to play Chase the Dragons tail. The head has to catch the tail. They pretty much just ran in a circle. It was hilarious!
 Then we came inside and they made their own pizzas.

 While the pizzas cooked, we opened presents. Logan got lots of cool toys.
 I love this picture of Colton. I don't know if he was about to sneeze, or was just yelling or what, but it caught him and just the right moment.

 Pizza time. Yummy!
Then we had cake and ice cream.
 After the kids ate, they all played with toys until their moms came to pick them up.

 We had such a great time. The party was a success. And our Dragon cake tasted so good. Happy Birthday Logan. 8 is Great!